About Us

Testimonials From Parents:


· "I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care you have given my daughter. It was very hard for me to go back to work and know at three months my daughter would be in good hands. Your staff have proved this to me" (1992) 

· "I never had a moment's worry while at work as I knew how well she was looked after her" (1992)

· "The staff is trustworthy, knowledgeable and loving. Each and every staff member possesses a genuinely caring attitude on a consistent basis" (2001)

· "Where do I begin or how do I begin to show my love and appreciation for this daycare and all your amazing staff" (2005)

· " Both my daughters have been attending IWCC for over five years....The staff members are excellent with not only the children but also with the parents. They are friendly, cooperative, and helpful and above all they work together in unity as a team" (2006)

· "Isabella Walton is definitely a community based center with parents, staff and the community working together to ensure that our children get the best possible care" (2005)

· Isabella Walton Childcare is a prime example of what excellent preschool experience should be: warm, caring environment, professional, competent and empathetic staff; an innovative learning environment that provides opportunities to develop confidence and inter personal skills" (2006)

· "Over the years, Isabella Walton Childcare Centre has been the second home for my twin boys. They love the centre so much ...I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the kindness you have shown to us " (2008)

· "On a more personal note, I would like to thank you and your staff. Isabella Walton is an outstanding child care centre and the staff are nothing short of wonderful" (2005)

· "Thank you for all your hard work in providing such an excellent program and a safe place for our children" (2009)

· "Isabella Walton was and is the greatest and best childcare centre. Your teachers are wonderful and you do a good job by managing the centre. I think children are very important part of our lives and you will all be blessed very much for doing such a wonderful job" (2004)

· "It breaks my heart that she has to go but she will always know about the people there and what they have done for her" (1997)

· "It is a hard job but it gets completed each and every day with a smile on your faces. Thank you for loving, teaching and guiding them through the right path of life" (2010)

· "I am writing this note because I want to thank everyone who has been very thoughtful towards me and my family during this difficult time....At the beginning of my illness I was so worried about my family and the future, but seeing how you have looked after my children has given me much comfort and I feel I am among family" (2017)

· "Thank you very much for being such amazing people/teachers" 2018



From Student Volunteers


· "I have appreciated your kindness ..You are among the nicest of any people I have known and you will never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you've shown" (2005)

· " It has been a privilege to have worked with everyone" (2005)

· "Thank you for sharing your professional experience and environment" (2003)

· "It has been a great learning opportunity for me" (2004)

· " I had fun while learning. All of you made it easy for me" (2008)

· "You all made my stay the best it could have been" (2001)

· "Everyone was so kind and easy to work with. It will be hard to ever find work where everyone helps each other out" (2000)

· "There are no words to express how much I thank you for trusting me to work with your team. You have allowed me to gain valuable life experience working with children" (1998)

· "This experience has been worthwhile" (2004)

· "The cooperation and sincere support that I received during my stay at IWCC will always be remembered...Working at IWCC helped me gain self confidence and made me learn many new skills with the guidance of the teachers" (1997)

· I just want to thank you for all your kindness. I am fortunate to have met you.. The experiences that I will take with me are priceless and for that I want to say thank you" (2001)

· "I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with one of the most wonderfulteams of professional Early Childhood Educators" (2016)

· "This experience has been very rewarding for me because it has deepened my knowledge and skills as an Early Childhood Educator" (2017)

· "It is an honour for us to be placed here at this centre to gain placement experience" (2018)





Please check with the centre for the current fee schedule.


We are licensed to accommodate 52 children in the following age categories

  • 10 - Infants under 18 months 
  • 10 - Toddlers 18 - 30 months 
  • 16 - Jr. Preschool 2 1/2 - 3.8 years 
  • 16 - Sr. Preschool 2 1/2- 3.8 years 

Children are moved from one group to the next when there is space and when they are developmentally ready to move. 

We cannot guarantee a space in the next age group. If a space is not available in the next age group, parents will be given two (2) weeks written notice to leave.